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Shoulder problems? Shoulder pain?

Why mattresses often fail.

Many people have trouble lying on their side because of uncomfortable pressure on the shoulder joint. Some only notice when they wake up that their joint hurts. How is it by you?


Ultimately, the causes are similar, as you can read about in the “Neck problems” chapter. Everyone has the already mentioned difference from the shoulder to the waist of an average of 10 cm per side! Since the strong men on the mattress market usually get a hard mattress and the slim, light women simply don't weigh enough to be able to push away even the softest mattress material in the shoulder area, this pressure arises on the joint. Anyone who has shoulder problems knows how sensitive this joint is. Many ligaments, tendons, and muscles hold it together and are affected when pressure is applied too hard. Even the softest mattress cannot really absorb this pressure. Therefore, a slatted frame should have a lowerable shoulder zone of up to 10cm(!). Unfortunately, very few achieve this. Therefore, it is best to leave the choice of mattress and slatted frame to a certified lounger expert.  


Tip: An optimal lateral position also helps here

Look under the “Tip” in the “Neck problems” section. For people with massive shoulder problems, sometimes only the supine position is possible. Optimize this with a seat bed with a back section of at least 75 cm and a knee bend (like a recliner) in order to avoid back problems caused by a stretched lying position. If necessary, you can also place a foam roller of approx. 15-20 cm under the mattress at the level of the back of the knees.  


Illustrations: G. Koehler

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