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Lying problems?

What exactly is it and how do you recognize it?

Do you get up in the morning exhausted, tense or in pain? Or do you wake up in the night with such symptoms? Can't find a comfortable lying position to fall asleep? On a rainy day, do you prefer to get up early because staying in bed for longer would be uncomfortable? And the symptoms go away or almost go away as soon as you move around a bit? Then you almost certainly have a lying problem! Of course, you immediately think that the bed system must be related to this.  


There are people who think that it's definitely not that bad and that it's just like that with increasing age. Others will say that their spine is "broken". For most of them, however, the lying problem started insidiously. It wasn't there overnight, was it? It has increased over months and years. Not for all, but for most. It's a vicious circle and of course you know that the vicious circle can become more and more intense. So it would be wise to take action if you wake up feeling exhausted, tense or even in pain. These are alarm signals from your body! Every day we see a lot of people who had waited until they could hardly get out of bed because of the pain. It all started harmlessly many years ago.  


The longer you ignore your body's warning signs, the harder it becomes to get out of them. And painkillers don't cure that, they just turn off the pain signal. Many don't act because they don't believe improvement is easy, and some because they're just too lazy. Many think it has to be complicated and time-consuming. But it's very easy the sooner you act. And even with massive problems, there is a good chance.

People who have come to us have left their lying problems behind and are already on the way to relaxation and recreation. They have recognized that it is worthwhile to organize the most important time for regeneration, namely sleep, perfectly. Because you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. Our customers have recognized that lying down correctly is the solution to many problems and that there is a good chance that you will feel much better again. Yes, many have even realized that freedom from pain and health are really great goals. I really can't say if this is possible for you. Because only around 94% of the people who come to us manage to get better again. Whether you want to be part of it or not is entirely up to you.

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