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Hip problems? Hip pain?

Pressure when lying down? And what can you do about it?

Hip problems and hip pain are often a problem when lying down. Lying gently is the solution.  Some people know the uncomfortable hip pressure or even hip pain when lying on their side. We see this again and again in our consultations. Do you also have such hip problems?


Whether you have muscular tension on the outside of your buttocks or upper thigh, or you have pain in your hip joint (in the groin area), if the problems are worse when lying down, it's very uncomfortable. Twisting off the upper leg (sort of lying unconscious) is often a sign of too much pressure being exerted by the mattress. This is not surprising, because mattress manufacturers often additionally reinforce the hip area, which is very uncomfortable for people with hip problems. If you were to lie on the floor, on your side, you would quickly notice what causes pressure in the hip area. Especially with women with a female hip curve, it is the case that they have a slightly wider pelvis and therefore should lie softer. Only the soft-hanging lying is then not optimal for the spine.


Are there even mattresses that can absorb this problem? A mattress that only gives relief in the hips? This is often not possible at all and promotes hip pain accordingly.  


Think about it: How is the mattress supposed to know exactly where and how much your hips need to be relieved? And the waist should then be supported again to avoid buckling the lumbar spine. And what about the legs that narrow from top to bottom? The leg that is on top also pulls down. What is the mattress supposed to be able to do?  


Of course you have also asked yourself how much a slatted frame will bring you. But you couldn't really answer that yourself, could you? Well, there are special slatted frames that really help the mattress prevent hip problems, reduce hip pain by providing relief, and still relax the spine by supporting the waist and legs.  


Tip: This is how you relieve your hips when lying on your side

What you can test, if this is possible for you: Take out the slats of the grid at the height of your thigh bone protrusion (trochanter major) at approx. 10-15cm. Additionally, place a rolled-up towel under your waist for support and a folded towel or supportive pillow under your legs (not in between). This redistributes the pressure and relieves the greater trochanter and hip joint.


Illustrations: G. Koehler

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