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Comforters / Duvets

Not only suitable health mattresses and sleeping systems promote a pleasant sleeping atmosphere. In order for the bed climate to be right, you need a well-regulating duvet. Whether for the winter and/or summer days: proven duvets from manufacturers such as Billerbeck, Ceha5 and SweetDreams cover all needs and wishes. Almost all of the duvets on offer are washable and we can also order special sizes such as 200x210 or 200x240 cm.


A detailed duvet consultation quickly takes 15-30 minutes. It is therefore an advantage if you plan some time for it. As you have already noticed, we do not have fixed opening times. So that we can make sure we can devote our time to you alone or at this moment  If you are not out and about for our customers, we ask that you give us a quick call before your visit.

If you already know what you want, you can also order your desired product by phone or email and we will deliver or send it to you. You can also find our bestsellers directly in our Online-Shop .


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