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Pillow / Neck pillow

Finding a pillow for healthy sleep is often like running the gauntlet. Some people call five different pillows their own and none of them fit. Why this is so is explained to you in detail HERE .


It is important that your pillow fits perfectly in the back and side position. Similar to the sleep system, many of our health pillows are customizable. This means that you can remove layers of foam or filling material and "build" the optimal height. If in doubt, you can test many of our pillows at home for 14 days free of charge.

If you don't have any neck problems to complain about and don't want to do without the classic "plum pillow", you'll still find what you're looking for with us.

A detailed pillow consultation quickly takes 15-30 minutes. It is therefore an advantage if you plan some time for it. As you have already noticed, we do not have fixed opening hours. So that we can make sure we can devote our time to you alone or at this moment  If you are not out and about for our customers, we ask that you give us a quick call before your visit.

You can find a small selection of our pillow range in our Online-Shop .

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