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Disc prolapse? Lumbago? Whiplash?

Why it makes sense to lie down properly with such diagnoses.

Many people tell us: «I have the diagnosis "xy". The complaints do not come from the bed»! This posture is very amazing, because when does your body regenerate? Exactly, at night. So if your musculature has to work harder all day long because of your illness: how important would it be that you do everything to ensure that the musculature can regenerate even better at night? Of course, one or the other now understands why perhaps the many therapies didn't stand a chance at all. The therapies have almost certainly been good, but if your body cannot recover and is also stressed at night, recovery is very difficult. Therapies often fail as a result, logically? The immune system also builds up at night. So if you have an immunological problem, you should avoid any stress at night so that the body has enough energy for the immune system building and repair processes. Makes sense right?

You see, regeneration and health are a coherent system and you want to look at this holistically. Of course, the bed system will not make you healthy, but it can make a significant contribution. In any case? no Of course, you should check this with a certified lounger specialist. Changing the bed is not always a good idea. It would definitely be worth checking it out for free so you know.


Those affected often visit us regarding whiplash. These people usually suffer greatly from this accident and often have more trouble at night. This is also logical, because the muscles in the neck area are very strained and react to incorrect posture immediately with great pain. Ergonomic, anatomically-adapted lying down can provide great relief here, so that the body can at least relax a little at night. But this requires a precisely coordinated bed system. Be sure to contact an expert for this.  

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