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Finally sleep without pain again

Do you suffer from back problems, neck tension or headaches in bed and find it difficult to find your way around the wide range of mattresses?

Yes? - Then you've come to the right place!

Find out in our in-depth sleep and lying advice how a perfectly fitting bed feels and which additional methods can alleviate your complaints. If you decide on a bed solution from us, you will receive a 10-week right of return at the full retail price. In this way, we take away the risk of making the wrong purchase and you will soon be able to get up again feeling refreshed.

We look forward to seeing you

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Pascal Infanger

Certified sleep and lying therapist


Judith Infanger Bed linen sales Duvet sales Pillow sales Advice

Judith Infanger

Passionate consultant for sleep textiles 

That's why you've come to the right place



As a small family business, we have been helping people with sleeping problems for over 40 years. Together, we will find the ideal bed solution for you personally and in a peaceful environment. We achieve this with specially selected products.



We specialize in physical complaints related to the bed and undergo further training every year. Now in our second generation, we also have access to relevant company experience and a regional network of medical specialists.



If your new sleep system does not improve your situation, we will take it back for 10 weeks at the full purchase price. You can count on our free support even years after the purchase. We only use systems that can be adapted to a large extent at a later date.

What we do explained in 4 minutes

 "Since I attended the lecture on beds and lying + sleeping problems at Infanger a few years ago, I have recognized the importance of optimally adjusted beds. As soon as I notice that the bed could be a problem for a massage patient, I send the people to them Pascal Infanger. Because I know that people will get good advice. Incidentally, I also pass the address on to other therapists in the area who are not (yet) aware of the problem with beds."

Rolf Baumgartner from Baar, Swiss medical masseur FA and APM Therapist:

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