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Sleep disorders? Sleep problems?

The frequent confusion with lying problems.

The range of sleep problems is very broad and we could fill a whole book with it. But there is already enough literature about sleep problems. I just want to show you the most important differences here. We are mainly talking about "lying problems".


Lying problems can, but do not have to, cause sleep problems. We understand sleep problems to mean everything that noticeably affects the quality of sleep (if it is too short or too long, is interrupted too often and/or is not restful). The effects are often not seen at night, but during the day, when excessive daytime sleepiness occurs, listlessness and frequent immunological diseases or infections occur.


Some people who come to us say they sleep well. But when they wake up, they would have this tiredness, stiffness, tension or pain. This probably means that the sleep was only subjectively good. When they say sleep problems, many “actually” mean the famous difficulties falling asleep and sleeping through the night. However, these are only part of the sleep problems and sometimes even just "imagined". Because nocturnal awakenings or difficulties falling asleep do not mean that the sleep was bad because of it. In addition, these problems can be easily solved for most people. There are typically 2 factors:


1. Thought circles with/without anger and 2. Uncomfortable lying position. We solve the circle of thoughts very easily with mental training, hypnosis and life change. The uncomfortable lying position with a suitable bed system. We often meet interested parties who have both at the same time.


You can see one thing for yourself with certainty: If you always wake up in the morning fit, relaxed and without tension and pain, have energy and are efficient during the day, then you have neither a sleeping nor a lying problem. Then you should continue with everything as before and enjoy it as much as possible. If not, check sooner rather than later.

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