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Zoe von Schlossberg


The Zoe blanc bed linen design from Schlossberg is decorated with fragrant lemons and detailed branches with flowers and buds in bright yellow-green and fine rose. Memories of a breathtaking panorama and the Mediterranean dolce vita. The fresh scent and unmistakable aroma of lemons invite you to dream and refresh the senses. With Zoe's summery lightness, summer can come - not just in dreams.



100% cotton


Satin noblesse
Warp satin, 100% pure finest cotton, long staple, combed, mercerized. Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. The fineness of the yarn makes the fabric very light and dense. The satin, also known as Swiss satin, weighs only 110g/m2, but has a thread count of 100 threads per 1cm2. Satin Noblesse from Schlossberg feels wonderfully smooth, fresh and supple and impresses with its incomparably beautiful and elegant shine (approx. 110 g/m2).


The color may differ from the original on the screen.

Schlossberg Zoe Satin

VAT Included
  • approx. 4 weeks

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