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Eliv von Schlossberg


ELIV awakens the earliest childhood memories of autumn: leaves collected from favorite places, bathed in colors of strong petrol, fresh lime green, warm rust and clear blue and distributed completely freely, like a gust of wind, over the white bed linen base. And so imprints like colorful memories shape this bed linen design down to the smallest, delicate detail of the fine leaf structures.



100% cotton


Satin noblesse
Warp satin, 100% pure finest cotton, long staple, combed, mercerized. Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. The fineness of the yarn makes the fabric very light and dense. The satin, also known as Swiss satin, weighs only 110g/m2, but has a thread count of 100 threads per 1cm2. Satin Noblesse from Schlossberg feels wonderfully smooth, fresh and supple and impresses with its incomparably beautiful and elegant shine (approx. 110 g/m2).


The colors may differ from the original on the screen.

Schlossberg Eliv Satin

VAT Included
  • approx. 4 weeks

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