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Knee roll (EPP/foam filling), without cover



56 long, 17 cm Ø



washable up to 60°C


FFilling: EPP foam

This special mixture developed by Kienerkissen is made up of "expanded polypropylene (EPP)" and foam flakes. It is particularly suitable for body awareness and pressure relief.



When lying straight on your back on a hard surface without a pillow or other aid, the spine becomes hollow. Most people find this unnatural position uncomfortable. This can be counteracted with the knee roll by placing it - as the name suggests - under both knees. By slightly bending your knees, the spine is relieved and the pelvis is automatically tilted forward so that the spine is in a horizontal position.

The knee roll is a popular classic for massages, physiotherapy and the care sector. It is easy to use and yet very effective.

Knee roll

VAT Included
  • approx. 7-14 days

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