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All-rounder cushion (EPP/foam filling), without cover



large 100x35 cm 

small 75x24 cm



Cushion washable up to 60°C, tumble dry up to 100°C, shake well.



EPP / FoamThis special mixture developed by Kienerkissen® is made up of "expanded polypropylene (EPP)" and foam flakes. It is particularly suitable for body awareness and pressure relief.



The large all-rounder pillow (100x35 cm) is particularly suitable as a head and neck pillow. Regardless of whether you sleep on your side or back, the all-rounder pillow provides optimal relief for your head and shoulder girdle. Thanks to relaxed neck muscles, the all-rounder pillow helps you get a more restful sleep. The smaller positioning pillow for many different applications brings relaxation for the back when sitting, breastfeeding, reading, yoga, meditation and so on. Try out the different options. It has proven itself for many different positions and can be optimally modeled into any shape.

The special


The small version of the all-rounder pillow (75x24 cm) is perfect for people who appreciate the all-rounder in bed and would like to have the pillow with them when traveling. Thanks to its compact size, the pillow takes up little space in your suitcase. The pillow is also very suitable for relaxing on the sofa, e.g. in the small of your back or neck.

It is ideal as a head and neck pillow, but also as a supplement to the pillow to place between the knees when lying on your side. Try out the different options. Thanks to the kidney shape, the pillow can be used for various positions.


Application examples inPosition video from Kienerkissen®

All-rounder pillow

VAT Included
  • approx. 7-14 days

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