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Side sleeper pillow (EPP/foam filling), without cover






washable up to 60°C / suitable for allergy sufferers


Filling: EPP / foam

This special mixture developed by Kienerkissen is made up of “expanded polypropylene (EPP)” and cut foam flakes. Thanks to the zipper, the filling quantity can be adjusted as desired.



Every side sleeper knows the feeling that their legs, especially knees and ankles, are uncomfortably tight together. The duvet is often misused and pushed between the legs as a cushion. In the side sleeping position, the pillow offers optimal support for the upper leg and arm and protects the knees.
In this comfortable lying position, the cervical spine is optimally supported. The pillows adapt perfectly to your body shape and are wonderfully soft and cuddly. The side sleeper pillow ensures a calmer and more relaxed sleep.

Side sleeper pillow

VAT Included
  • approx. 7-14 days

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